Leggert Heating and Cooling

     When it comes to Buying a Maintenance Plan .... Is $158.00 a Year Too Much to Pay so              You can Have Confidence that                       You will be Comfortable Throughout the Year ? .. I think the answer is simple.

   Peace of  Mind and Equipment Protection Maintenance Plan

Flame Gold Maintenance Plan

Leggert Heating Cooling offers comfort and peace of mind with our maintenance Plan, which provides  Residential Furnace Repair. With the our Plan, you're able to contact a  Technician in times of need, such as Emergency Heating Repair or Furnace Maintenance. Regular service prevents problems before they happen, too, and saves you money. Having a Heating & Cooling company with a equipment protection  Plan makes it easy for you to sit back and let us handle your unexpected needs. Sign up for the  Maintenance Plan here.

Become a Protection and Maintenance Plan Member and Receive:

  • Annual Safety Inspection
  • Free emergency diagnostic
  • Minimum 10% savings on parts and service
  • 10% savings on all duct cleaning
  • 10% savings on all electrical work
  • Priority on emergency repairs
  • Discounts on home comfort systems
  • Discounts on water heaters
  • Discounts on power generators

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